About Us

With more than two decades of senior-level and entrepreneurial career experience in the Technology, Financial and Logistics industries, Atlanta-based CG Worthington currently serves as Founder & CEO of the management consulting firm, In the Box Management Solutions and Design, LLC.


We are here to provide a piece of the solution that’s needed for our clients to reach the future they envision.  Using cutting-edge technology, we’re proud to educate tomorrow’s leaders through our Virgin BluePrint training program.   Our Virgin BluePrint project management training program is geared toward “virgins”, or first-time/inexperienced project managers.

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Founder & CEO CG Worthington

Job Opportunities


Detailed oriented, punctual, at least 1 year dispatch experience, self managed

Upcoming Events 

Business in the Box

Class for new dispatch agents entering into the logistics industry.  Send email to logistics@intheboxmsd.com to be added to the waiting list.  Next class starts March 2019.

Onsite Hire Agents

Beulah Heights University

892 Berne St SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Atlanta, Georgia

September 17 & 18, 2018

Project Management Training

Webinar training for new project coordinators entering into the PM world.  Next class starts April 2019.  Send email to cs@intheboxmsd.com to be added to waiting list.