Business Policies & Procedures Solution

Are you a new startup company?  Maybe you’ve been in a business for a few years, but realize lately you’re your employees are running amuck!  Is your current process chaotic?  If so, it’s probably due to the fact that you don’t have a set standard operating procedures.  Let us help you define your direction.  Why, you ask?  Because every company whether they know it or not, need an office policy manual of some kind.  Problems arise daily within the workflow of your business processes which requires a consistent methodology. A repeatable response is required to ensure all customers are treated efficiently and fairly which should be based on your company’s mission, philosophy and vision.  This is purpose of a purpose manual.

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Guaranteeing success for your business is based on your documentation of policies and procedures.  We will help design and implement:

  • Your Business policy which conveys management’s philosophy
  • Your company policies which will improve communication
  • Your Office procedure which will reduce employee training time
  • A workplace procedure manual which will serve as the authoritative source for answers for common company related questions

Why do you need all of this documentation?  Because having corporate policies and procedures will strengthen your business operations and a strong business operation will help to increase revenue.  Another benefit to having your policies and procedures documented is to assist with your compliance with statues and regulations such as OSHA (Office of Health and Safety), EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity), SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) and industry type standards such as ITIL and ISO.


Why start from scratch when skilled professionals can do the work for you?  We offer customized core business processes solutions for the following departments: 

  • Administration Best practices
  • Customer Service procedures
  • Computer, Network, and IT procedures
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures
  • Finance and Credit Procedures
  • Human Resources Policies
  • Manufacturing Quality Procedures
  • Purchasing Procedures
  • Physical Security Practices

Let us help you make certain your company is consistently delivering your products and services efficiently and fairly to all of your clients.

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