PM Education Solution

Education Solution

Our intent is to help revamp an educational process that is no longer working for our children.  We accomplishthis by integrating 21st Century Skills, such as critical thinking, teamwork, communication problem solving and leadership by introducing and preparing high school students to become project managers.

In the 1900’s skills such as obeying commands given by your superiors, collaborating with co-workers, being on time, work until you’ve put in thirty years or more for companies like warehousing, railroad, famers, laborers, household servicers, etc.  These skills will always be vital to the community.   These companies offered benefits such as decent salaries, pensions, service awards, etc.  But for our children to survive in the 21st Century, they need to learn 21st century skills that will equip them for the information age.

Information age jobs require that our children be more genuine or profound, work with a dynamic array of personalities, ability to work with and lead teams, effectively communicate in an assortment of media, decipher and manage information as well as continuing to educate themselves on the numerous and forever changing technologies. 

By introducing students at a younger age to skills which offer higher paying salaries, entrepreneurship opportunities, growth potential they will be better prepared to take the initiative to design their own destiny, effectively manage high expectations and thrive and be more creative.

There is a growing number of homelessness each year.  According to statistics as many as 3.5 million Americans become homeless every year.   An unexpected or unplanned event is the primary cause.   Although there are several reasons for the root cause, one of the top reasons is due to the loss of a job.  For those who live in poverty or at the poverty line, a traffic ticket, an accident, lack of transportation or insurance, or the cost of divorce, might be the one thing that sends them to streets of homelessness. 

This should tell us that we have not adapted well to the new world changes.  We are not flexible enough in our skills and therefore we are not able to quickly land on our feet due to the inability to present ourselves to be able to work in multiple career fields which will pay us our worth.

Long are gone the days, when a person can work a job for over thirty years and receive a pension and later social security to make ends meet.  But as we all know pensions are a thing of the past and social security is on its way to becoming non-existent as well.

Our goal is to help prepare our youth to not only strive, thrive and survive, but to also create new opportunities, become innovators, connect globally with others, and become more involved in their community. 

We offer customized training for your teaching staff and an after school training for parents which allows us to create a complete buy-in system.

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Business and Group Project Management Solutions

Today there are many companies who are creating new project management teams with resources who have been thrown into the role with little to no training.  This creates chaos and discord within the group.   To alleviate this issue and create a more cohesive and organized team, we help your department design and implement a project management office (PMO) and fill your resource knowledge gap.   At In the Box, we implement best practices solutions and feel a PMO is needed (if your company does not have one) to ensure that all project managers and other company resources are adhering to the same processes, policies and standards.  This is the best way to ensure success.  We offer onsite practical hands-on training, customized templates and forms in addition to post implementation support. 

Group minimum and maximum limits may apply. 

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Individual Project Management Solution

If you are stagnant in your career, looking for a change in career choice, an increase in pay or a promotion, you may want to consider project management as a course of option.   We offer practical hand-on training and help you sharpen your skills, but as you know there are many project management courses available, but not many will provide you with a trainer who has real world experience, provide you with assistance in getting a new job, help you to identify your current skillset which will assist you in rewriting your new resume more effectively and give you access to a project management tool which makes you look like you’ve been working as a project coordinator or project manager for years.  We provide support every step of the way to help you reach your goal.  We offer onsite and live online training. 

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