PM Consulting – Our project management program offers oversight and support of contract execution throughout the project life cycle and provides a single point of customer contact. Teams are staffed by experts with extensive experience managing technology, transportation and oil and gas contracts and helping clients control the cost of their investments.

The actual scope of services solicited under an individual Request for Proposal (RFP) will vary from project to project according to specific project requirements. In general, the anticipated scope of services may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

• Project schedule development, verification, and monitoring.
• Field verification of existing project conditions.
• Management of material sampling and testing.
• Project programming to ascertain the project scope of work.
• Review of design development.
• Project value engineering.
• Project cost estimating.
• Project analysis and recommendations.
• Review of bidding/construction/ contract documents.
• Preparation of project bid packages.
• Coordination of project reviews with regulatory agencies as necessary.
• Preparation of weekly and monthly project status reports including budget and schedule summaries and details.
• Issuance of notices on project activities that may impact operations.
• Prepare and distribute all project correspondence
• Other professional services as may be necessary to address specific project needs.

We provide:
Project management – We manage and integrate the engineering, procurement, and construction phases of the project. Acting as the single point of contact, we consolidate all contractors and sub-contractors, often from diverse cultures and backgrounds, to deliver a successful project.

Resourcing strategy – We identify personnel with relevant experience, maximizing use of local/regional staff and people with local experience.

Project controls – A detailed understanding of project costs and schedule is critical to effective monitoring. We focus on the details in defining requirements, aligning stakeholder teams, and ensuring a disciplined approach to implementation.