PM Services

Project Management Office Creation

Are you a small business in need of a standard way to manage your projects?  Or is your current group of project managers not in sync with one another and unclear 

In the Box Management Solutions & Designs can design a methodology and process to meet your organizational needs and your current operational model.  It’s important to have the right level of process, associated with the appropriate deliverables and tools for a successful methodology.   We will evaluate the current state of your processes and use across your organization. Our expert consultants come equipped with a kit containing processes, forms, and templates to draw from which can be used as a guide when creating your own version or leave as is, to subsidize what you already have. The key is to have the right level of process to maintain control and deliver projects in an expedient manner which will ensure you are delivering success to your clients and throughout your organization.

Project Mangement Office Deployment

We don’t walk away after creating you a new methodology.   We can help you deploy your new solution.  There are various methods which can be used to accomplish the deployment of the new process and standards such as classroom training, workshops, and lunch and learns.  In the Box Management Solutions & Designs, will sit with your team and guide them through the new process, standards and provide tips to make everything a smooth transition  

Project Management Training

Virgin BluePrint, the project management training portal of In the Box Management Solutions & Designs, offers project management training, project management courses and over 350 other programs which help students grasp the concept better and are able to quickly implement what they have learned.  In the Box, can work directly with companies or small groups, to provide an engaging project management training solution.   

Policies and Procedures 

It is not easy to write standard operating, human resources, or financial procedures from scratch. You can spend countless hours on research, writing, editing and reviewing and still fall short of delivering a complete solution.  Our process is thoroughly researched and based on the industry best practices. Why start from scratch when skilled professionals can do the work for you?


PM Staff Agumentation

In the Box Management Solutions & Designs can staff you with highly experienced program and project managers who can support, lead and manage any project or initiative, no matter the size, cost or complexity or length of time.