Resume Revision Solution

This solution is for those who have been working in various fields, but want to try their hands at project management and don’t have time to take a training class.

If you don’t have time for the complete project management training, maybe you need access to a resume kit which provides you with the following:

  • A list of transferrable skills which will help you when creating your new resume
  • Resume Design Templates
  • Cover Page Templates
  • Thank You Templates
  • Confidentiality Agreement Template
  • Sample project coordinator/junior project manager resumes to use a guide for creating your own
  • Pitch Sample (aka Elevator Speech)
  • A copy of Intro to Project Management from Foreplay to Climax (ebook) – This book tells you what you need to do to land your new job, what to do if you don’t have the skills and how to get them, and a 6 month plan to double or triple your income.

This solution will give you a jumpstart to landing your new job.

Click here to purchase for $19.99 – Download