Lease On – In our Lease On program, we connect you with other companies who have bulk dedicated freight to move and are in need of additional owner operators. Don’t have an active MC or DOT? Is your insurance too high? The lease on program works for prospective clients who do not have an asset base of five or more trucks or who do not have enough work or dedicated freight to move. Enrollment fee: $399
If you would like to expand your company to become a Lease On, you may be interested in our Business Development program.

Business Development – Our transportation business management solution takes an owner operator with no or limited asset base and creates a customized expanded business solution which increases assets, drivers, direct shippers, creates or modifies a working up to date website, creates company customized contracts, company training material. Business name must be established, have an active MC/DOT and be complaint. Contact us for a quote.

Coming Soon:
Leads Program – Access our portal to see available freight opportunities. Loads could also lead to additional dedicated opportunities for those who have the capability of taking on bulk freight. Opportunity exists for other contract type work. These loads are not from load boards, but from our direct clients who are seeking transportation companies who can scale their asset base to move bulk freight. Must have an active MC/DOT, DUNs number, insurance, fleet of 5 or more trucks, and fully compliant.

Company Driver Leads – Need drivers, let us do the work. We perform background checks, validate employment history, check references and compliance of each driver to ensure they are qualified for the position.

$450 Carriers Company Finder – This program is for carriers who are looking for better paying opportunities. Let us do the searching for you and provide you a listing of positions based on your specifications and rate. We promote you to the company of choice. Need more multiple carriers/drivers, use the monthly membership plan: $249 (billed in 3 and 6th mth plans only.)